Buchanan Family Pecan Farm

Buchanan Family Pecan Farm

World-Class Pecans. Grown in Oklahoma.

Mark Your Calendars!

We were chosen by the Oklahoma Pecan Grower's Association as the site of their Field Day Tour on June 1

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With over 2,000 pecan trees and three varieties, we have a pecan for everyone.

A family run pecan business since 1979.

What Our Customers Think

"Beautiful pecan farm outside Dickson, OK on the Washita River. There are several types of pecan trees; I do not recall the varieties, but they are all the larger good-eating kind."
- Spencer T.
"The pecans and white chocolate pecans - excellent!!!"
- Darolyn B.
"I purchased 3 lbs. of pecans. They have the best flavor and are very reasonably priced! Try them out - you won't be disappointed!"
- Lisa J.
"Although I live in Maryland, I ALWAYS buy my pecans from Buchanan Family Pecan Farm. The customer service is top-notch, as are their pecans. There is nothing like fresh pecans! I look forward to making pecan pie bars for Thanksgiving. And I plan to make pecan fudge for Christmas as I do every year, thanks to the delicious pecans from Buchanan Family Pecan Farm."
- Leah P.
"They are nice people, and it's always good to support local, family-operated businesses. Give them a try!"
- Heather K.
"These pecans are amazing. I could eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner."
- John B.
"I found this little gem at The Liberty Crossings market in Gainesville this past weekend. Their German Chocolate cake is AMAZING!! I would eat this everyday of my life! Dying to try the peanut butter cake but I can’t get over the German Chocolate!"
- Amy W.
"The pecans are fresh and delicious. The German chocolate cake was the best!"
- Martha M.

Adopt-A-Pecan Tree Membership

Become an Adopt-A-Pecan Tree member and contribute to sustainable farming. For being a Bronze, Silver, or Gold member, you’ll receive:

  • Certificate of Adoption
  • Pictures of your tree pre-harvest
  • Farm-fresh pecans from the current harvest season
  • Members-Only pricing to events
  • Access to the BFPF Scholarship Program
  • And more!

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